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Royal Navy of the Caribbean East India Trading Co.
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This group is a daughter group of the community RNotC and allows discussion, fic posting, icon posting, art posting, etc. of all three PotC films. For a primer on the point and focus of this group, please visit the user info over at RNotC. One must love the Royal Navy and the men of the Royal Navy if you want to join this group. You can also join this group if you love the EITC, though I kinda doubt most people will join for that reason.

The Rules

1. Please be respectful of all members; I will not hesitate to ban/delete troublemakers.

2. Fics, art, large amounts of icons, and other long posts should be placed under a LJ cut.

3. Don't spam the community with posts about joining other communities and RPG *unless* you also post a piece of meta, art, fiction, etc. along with it.

4. You do not have to post about the RNotC and the EITC together, one or the other is acceptable.

5. You'll notice from our interests that there might seem to be some strange characters. Pintel and Ragetti were one in the Navy, as was Mr. Gibbs. Jack Sparrow once worked for the EITC, so he's in, as is anyone else who has ever worked for or done a job for Lord Beckett (i.e. William Turner, Weatherby Swann, etc.). The Wigs Personified are also allowed here. ^_^

That's all until I can think of more or modifications. Have fun and play nice everyone!

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